Strengthens your thighs

You can do a bit more difficult and also incorporate into it and stretching Kluk. Step one foot back, but not straight but the hair leg you drew this, which remained ahead. Again knee descend to the floor, while the back remains straight.

Then squat. Extremely effective exercise that simultaneously strengthens and leaves and thighs. Stand legs spaced slightly wider than the width of the hips and lower the like to sit on an invisible chair. Let your feet come under an angle of 90 °, then a little hold and lift the back.visit here
Want to boost intensity break into a crouch and then jump out of it to go around. If you still feel that leaves your critical area, the squat can help in this case. Exercise is performed equally just adds to raise your fingers while you are in a crouched position.
An excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles of the thighs is also a step to the side. Stand up straight with your legs together and then you step one foot on the outside.
The second leg povijajte knee. Bent knee must always be full foot on the floor. Keep your back straight and body slightly hunched forward. Return to the starting position.go to my officially page for more details about

This exercise you can perform only or add weights if you want to increase the load. We wish you a successful and enjoyable day in the sun with nice slender legs.



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